Source code for globus_sdk.transport.retry

from __future__ import annotations

import enum
import logging
import typing as t

import requests

from globus_sdk.authorizers import GlobusAuthorizer

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

C = t.TypeVar("C", bound=t.Callable[..., t.Any])

[docs] class RetryContext: """ The RetryContext is an object passed to retry checks in order to determine whether or not a request should be retried. The context is constructed after each request, regardless of success or failure. If an exception was raised, the context will contain that exception object. Otherwise, the context will contain a response object. Exactly one of ``response`` or ``exception`` will be present. :param attempt: The request attempt number, starting at 0. :param response: The response on a successful request :param exception: The error raised when trying to send the request :param authorizer: The authorizer object from the client making the request """ def __init__( self, attempt: int, *, authorizer: GlobusAuthorizer | None = None, response: requests.Response | None = None, exception: Exception | None = None, ): # retry attempt number self.attempt = attempt # if there is an authorizer for the request, it will be available in the context self.authorizer = authorizer # the response or exception from a request # we expect exactly one of these to be non-null self.response = response self.exception = exception # the retry delay or "backoff" before retrying self.backoff: float | None = None
[docs] class RetryCheckResult(enum.Enum): #: yes, retry the request do_retry = #: no, do not retry the request do_not_retry = #: "I don't know", ask other checks for an answer no_decision =
[docs] class RetryCheckFlags(enum.Flag): #: no flags (default) NONE = #: only run this check once per request RUN_ONCE =
# stub for mypy class _RetryCheckFunc: _retry_check_flags: RetryCheckFlags
[docs] def set_retry_check_flags(flag: RetryCheckFlags) -> t.Callable[[C], C]: """ A decorator for setting retry check flags on a retry check function. Usage: >>> @set_retry_check_flags(RetryCheckFlags.RUN_ONCE) >>> def foo(ctx): ... :param flag: The flag to set on the check """ def decorator(func: C) -> C: as_check = t.cast(_RetryCheckFunc, func) as_check._retry_check_flags = flag return func return decorator
# types useful for declaring RetryCheckRunner and related types RetryCheck = t.Callable[[RetryContext], RetryCheckResult]
[docs] class RetryCheckRunner: """ A RetryCheckRunner is an object responsible for running retry checks over the lifetime of a request. Unlike the checks or the retry context, the runner persists between retries. It can therefore implement special logic for checks like "only try this check once". Its primary responsibility is to answer the question "should_retry(context)?" with a boolean. It takes as its input a list of checks. Checks may be paired with flags to indicate their configuration options. When not paired with flags, the flags are taken to be "NONE". Supported flags: ``RUN_ONCE`` The check will run at most once for a given request. Once it has run, it is recorded as "has_run" and will not be run again on that request. """ # check configs: a list of pairs, (check, flags) # a check without flags is assumed to have flags=NONE def __init__(self, checks: list[RetryCheck]): self._checks: list[RetryCheck] = [] self._check_data: dict[RetryCheck, dict[str, t.Any]] = {} for check in checks: self._checks.append(check) self._check_data[check] = {} def should_retry(self, context: RetryContext) -> bool: for check in self._checks: flags = getattr(check, "_retry_check_flags", RetryCheckFlags.NONE) if flags & RetryCheckFlags.RUN_ONCE: if self._check_data[check].get("has_run"): continue else: self._check_data[check]["has_run"] = True result = check(context) log.debug( # try to get name but don't fail if it's not a function... "ran retry check (%s) => %s", getattr(check, "__name__", check), result ) if result is RetryCheckResult.no_decision: continue elif result is RetryCheckResult.do_not_retry: return False else: return True # fallthrough: don't retry any request which isn't marked for retry return False