Versioning Policy#

The Globus SDK follows Semantic Versioning.

That means that we use version numbers of the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

When the SDK needs to make incompatible API changes, the MAJOR version number will be incremented. MINOR and PATCH version increments indicate new features or bugfixes.

Public Interfaces#

Features documented here are public and all other components of the SDK should be considered private. Undocumented components may be subject to backwards incompatible changes without increments to the MAJOR version.

Upgrade Caveat#

It is always possible for new features or bugfixes to cause issues.

If you are installing the SDK into mission-critical production systems, we strongly encourage you to establish a method of pinning the exact version used and testing upgrades.

Deprecation Warnings#

globus-sdk will emit deprecation warnings for features which are removed in the next release. The Python interpreter applies a filter by default which ignores all deprecation warnings.

Users are can enable deprecation warnings by normal Python mechanisms. e.g. By applying a filter:

import warnings

warnings.simplefilter("default")  # this enables DeprecationWarnings