Transfer Relative Task Deadlines#

One of the lesser-known features of the Globus Transfer service is the ability for users to set a deadline by which a Transfer or Delete task must complete. If the task is still in progress when the deadline is reached, it is aborted.

You can use this, for example, to enforce that a Transfer Task which takes too long results in errors (even if it is making slow progress).

Because the deadline is accepted as an ISO 8601 date, you can use python’s built-in datetime library to compute a timestamp to pass to the service.

Start out by computing the current time as a datetime:

import datetime

now = datetime.datetime.utcnow()

Then, compute a relative timestamp using timedelta:

future_1minute = now + datetime.timedelta(minutes=1)

This value can be passed to a TransferData, as in

import globus_sdk

# get various components needed for a Transfer Task
# beyond the scope of this example
transfer_client = globus_sdk.TransferClient(...)
source_endpoint_uuid = ...
dest_endpoint_uuid = ...

# note how `future_1minute` is used here
submission_data = globus_sdk.TransferData(