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import logging
import typing as t

from globus_sdk import client, response
from globus_sdk._types import UUIDLike
from globus_sdk.scopes import TimerScopes

from .data import TimerJob
from .errors import TimerAPIError

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class TimerClient(client.BaseClient): r""" Client for the Globus Timer API. :param authorizer: An authorizer instance used for all calls to Timer :type authorizer: :class:`GlobusAuthorizer\ <globus_sdk.authorizers.base.GlobusAuthorizer>` :param app_name: Optional "nice name" for the application. Has no bearing on the semantics of client actions. It is just passed as part of the User-Agent string, and may be useful when debugging issues with the Globus team :type app_name: str :param transport_params: Options to pass to the transport for this client :type transport_params: dict .. automethodlist:: globus_sdk.TimerClient """ error_class = TimerAPIError service_name = "timer" scopes = TimerScopes
[docs] def list_jobs( self, *, query_params: t.Optional[t.Dict[str, t.Any]] = None ) -> response.GlobusHTTPResponse: """ ``GET /jobs/`` **Examples** >>> timer_client = globus_sdk.TimerClient(...) >>> jobs = timer_client.list_jobs() """"TimerClient.list_jobs({query_params})") return self.get("/jobs/", query_params=query_params)
[docs] def get_job( self, job_id: UUIDLike, *, query_params: t.Optional[t.Dict[str, t.Any]] = None ) -> response.GlobusHTTPResponse: """ ``GET /jobs/<job_id>`` **Examples** >>> timer_client = globus_sdk.TimerClient(...) >>> job = timer_client.get_job(job_id) >>> assert job["job_id"] == job_id """"TimerClient.get_job({job_id})") return self.get(f"/jobs/{job_id}", query_params=query_params)
[docs] def create_job( self, data: t.Union[TimerJob, t.Dict[str, t.Any]] ) -> response.GlobusHTTPResponse: """ ``POST /jobs/`` **Examples** >>> from datetime import datetime, timedelta >>> transfer_client = TransferClient(...) >>> transfer_data = TransferData(transfer_client, ...) >>> timer_client = globus_sdk.TimerClient(...) >>> job = TimerJob.from_transfer_data( ... transfer_data, ... datetime.utcnow(), ... timedelta(days=14), ... name="my-timer-job" ... ) >>> timer_result = timer_client.create_job(job) """"TimerClient.create_job({data})") return"/jobs/", data=data)
[docs] def update_job( self, job_id: UUIDLike, data: t.Dict[str, t.Any] ) -> response.GlobusHTTPResponse: """ ``PATCH /jobs/<job_id>`` **Examples** >>> timer_client = globus_sdk.TimerClient(...) >>> timer_client.update_job(job_id, {"name": "new name}"}) """"TimerClient.update_job({job_id}, {data})") return self.patch(f"/jobs/{job_id}", data=data)
[docs] def delete_job( self, job_id: UUIDLike, ) -> response.GlobusHTTPResponse: """ ``DELETE /jobs/<job_id>`` **Examples** >>> timer_client = globus_sdk.TimerClient(...) >>> timer_client.delete_job(job_id) """"TimerClient.delete_job({job_id})") return self.delete(f"/jobs/{job_id}")