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from typing import Any, List, Optional, Union

import requests

from globus_sdk import exc

[docs]class GCSAPIError(exc.GlobusAPIError): """ Error class for the GCS Manager API client """ def __init__(self, r: requests.Response) -> None: self.detail_data_type: Optional[str] = None self.detail: Union[None, str, dict] = None super().__init__(r) def _get_args(self) -> List[Any]: args = super()._get_args() args.append(self.detail_data_type) # only add detail if it's a string (don't want to put a large object into # stacktraces) if isinstance(self.detail, str): args.append(self.detail) return args def _load_from_json(self, data: dict) -> None: super()._load_from_json(data) # detail can be a full document, so fetch, then look for a DATA_TYPE # and expose it as a top-level attribute for easy access self.detail = data.get("detail") if self.detail and "DATA_TYPE" in self.detail: self.detail_data_type = self.detail["DATA_TYPE"]