Native App Login#

This is an example of the use of the Globus SDK to carry out an OAuth2 Native App Authentication flow.

The goal here is to have a user authenticate in Globus Auth, and for the SDK to procure tokens which may be used to authenticate SDK calls against various services for that user.

Get a Client#

In order to complete an OAuth2 flow to get tokens, you must have a client definition registered with Globus Auth. To do so, follow the relevant documentation for the Globus Auth Service or go directly to to do the registration.

Make sure, when registering your application, that you enter into the “Redirect URIs” field. This is necessary to leverage the default behavior of the SDK, and is typically sufficient for this type of application.

Do the Flow#

If you want to copy-paste an example, you’ll need at least a client_id for your AuthClient object. You should also specifically use the NativeAppAuthClient type of AuthClient, as it has been customized to handle this flow.

The shortest version of the flow looks like this:

import globus_sdk

# you must have a client ID
# for demonstration purposes, this is the tutorial client ID
CLIENT_ID = "61338d24-54d5-408f-a10d-66c06b59f6d2"

client = globus_sdk.NativeAppAuthClient(CLIENT_ID)

authorize_url = client.oauth2_get_authorize_url()
print("Please go to this URL and login: {0}".format(authorize_url))

auth_code = input("Please enter the code you get after login here: ").strip()
token_response = client.oauth2_exchange_code_for_tokens(auth_code)

# the useful values that you want at the end of this
globus_auth_data = token_response.by_resource_server[""]
globus_transfer_data = token_response.by_resource_server[""]
globus_auth_token = globus_auth_data["access_token"]
globus_transfer_token = globus_transfer_data["access_token"]

With Refresh Tokens#

The flow above will give you access tokens (short-lived credentials), good for one-off operations. However, if you want a persistent credential to access the logged-in user’s Globus resources, you need to request a long-lived credential called a Refresh Token.

refresh_tokens is a boolean option to the oauth2_start_flow method. When False, the flow will terminate with a collection of Access Tokens, which are simple limited lifetime credentials for accessing services. When True, the flow will terminate not only with the Access Tokens, but additionally with a set of Refresh Tokens which can be used indefinitely to request new Access Tokens. The default is False.

Simply add this option to the example above: