The components in this module are not intended for outside use, but are internal to the Globus SDK.

They may change in backwards-incompatible ways in minor or patch releases of the SDK.

This documentation is included here for completeness.


The PayloadWrapper class is used as a base class for all Globus SDK payload datatypes to provide nicer interfaces for payload construction.

The objects are a type of UserDict with no special methods.

class globus_sdk.utils.PayloadWrapper(dict=None, /, **kwargs)[source]#

A class for defining helper objects which wrap some kind of “payload” dict. Typical for helper objects which formulate a request payload, e.g. as JSON.

Payload types inheriting from this class can be passed directly to the client post(), put(), and patch() methods instead of a dict. These methods will recognize a PayloadWrapper and convert it to a dict for serialization with the requested encoder (e.g. as a JSON request body).

MissingType and MISSING#

The MISSING sentinel value is used as an alternative to None in APIs which accept null as a valid value. Whenever MISSING is included in a request, it will be removed before the request is sent to the service.

As a result, where MISSING is used as the default for a value, None can be used to explicitly pass the value null.

class globus_sdk.MissingType#

This is the type of MISSING.


The MISSING sentinel value. It is a singleton.