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from __future__ import annotations

import typing as t

from globus_sdk import utils
from globus_sdk._types import UUIDLike

[docs] class UserCredentialDocument(utils.PayloadWrapper): """ Convenience class for constructing a UserCredential document to use as the `data` parameter to `create_user_credential` and `update_user_credential` :param DATA_TYPE: Versioned document type. :param identity_id: UUID of the Globus identity this credential will provide access for :param connector_id: UUID of the connector this credential is for :param username: Username of the local account this credential will provide access to, format is connector specific :param display_name: Display name for this credential :param storage_gateway_id: UUID of the storage gateway this credential is for :param policies: Connector specific policies for this credential :param additional_fields: Additional data for inclusion in the document """ def __init__( self, DATA_TYPE: str = "user_credential#1.0.0", identity_id: UUIDLike | None = None, connector_id: UUIDLike | None = None, username: str | None = None, display_name: str | None = None, storage_gateway_id: UUIDLike | None = None, policies: dict[str, t.Any] | None = None, additional_fields: dict[str, t.Any] | None = None, ) -> None: super().__init__() self._set_optstrs( DATA_TYPE=DATA_TYPE, identity_id=identity_id, connector_id=connector_id, username=username, display_name=display_name, storage_gateway_id=storage_gateway_id, ) self._set_value("policies", policies) if additional_fields is not None: self.update(additional_fields)