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import typing as t

from globus_sdk import utils
from globus_sdk._types import UUIDLike

[docs]class GCSRoleDocument(utils.PayloadWrapper): """ Convenience class for constructing a Role document to use as the `data` parameter to `create_role` :param DATA_TYPE: Versioned document type. :type DATA_TYPE: str :param collection: Collection ID for the collection the role will apply to. This value is omitted when creating an endpoint role or when creating role definitions when creating collections. :type collection: str or UUID, optional :param principal: Auth identity or group id URN. Should be in the format urn:globus:auth:[identity|group]:{uuid of identity or group} :type principal: str, optional :param role: Role assigned to the principal. Known values are owner, administrator, access_manager, activity_manager, and activity_monitor :type role: str, optional """ def __init__( self, DATA_TYPE: str = "role#1.0.0", collection: t.Optional[UUIDLike] = None, principal: t.Optional[str] = None, role: t.Optional[str] = None, additional_fields: t.Optional[t.Dict[str, t.Any]] = None, ) -> None: super().__init__() self._set_optstrs( DATA_TYPE=DATA_TYPE, collection=collection, principal=principal, role=role, ) if additional_fields is not None: self.update(additional_fields)