Source code for globus_sdk.paging.base

import abc
from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, Iterable, Iterator, List, Optional

from globus_sdk.response import GlobusHTTPResponse

[docs]class Paginator(Iterable[GlobusHTTPResponse], metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): """ Base class for all paginators. This guarantees is that they have generator methods named ``pages`` and ``items``. Iterating on a Paginator is equivalent to iterating on its ``pages``. :param method: A bound method of an SDK client, used to generate a paginated variant :type method: callable :param items_key: The key to use within pages of results to get an array of items :type items_key: str :param client_args: Arguments to the underlying method which are passed when the paginator is instantiated. i.e. given ``, b, c=1)``, this will be ``(a, b)``. The paginator will pass these arguments to each call of the bound method as it pages. :type client_args: tuple :param client_kwargs: Keyword arguments to the underlying method, like ``client_args`` above. ``, b, c=1)`` will pass this as ``{"c": 1}``. As with ``client_args``, it's passed to each paginated call. :type client_kwargs: dict """ def __init__( self, method: Callable, *, items_key: Optional[str] = None, client_args: List[Any], client_kwargs: Dict[str, Any] ): self.method = method self.items_key = items_key self.client_args = client_args self.client_kwargs = client_kwargs def __iter__(self) -> Iterator[GlobusHTTPResponse]: yield from self.pages()
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def pages(self) -> Iterator[GlobusHTTPResponse]: """``pages()`` yields GlobusHTTPResponse objects, each one representing a page of results."""
[docs] def items(self) -> Iterator: """ ``items()`` of a paginator is a generator which yields each item in each page of results. ``items()`` may raise a ``ValueError`` if the paginator was constructed without identifying a key for use within each page of results. This may be the case for paginators whose pages are not primarily an array of data. """ if self.items_key is None: raise ValueError( "Cannot provide items() iteration on a paginator where 'items_key' " "is not set." ) for page in self.pages(): yield from page[self.items_key]