Source code for globus_sdk.authorizers.base

import abc
import typing as t

[docs]class GlobusAuthorizer(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): """ A ``GlobusAuthorizer`` is a very simple object which generates valid Authorization headers. It may also have handling for responses that indicate that it has provided an invalid Authorization header. """
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def get_authorization_header(self) -> t.Optional[str]: """ Get the value for the ``Authorization`` header from this authorizer. If this method returns ``None``, then no ``Authorization`` header should be used. """
[docs] def handle_missing_authorization(self) -> bool: """ This operation should be called if a request is made with an Authorization header generated by this object which returns a 401 (HTTP Unauthorized). If the ``GlobusAuthorizer`` thinks that it can take some action to remedy this, it should update its state and return ``True``. If the Authorizer cannot do anything in the event of a 401, this *may* update state, but importantly returns ``False``. By default, this always returns ``False`` and takes no other action. """ return False
[docs]class StaticGlobusAuthorizer(GlobusAuthorizer): """A static authorizer has some static string as its header val which it always returns as the authz header.""" header_val: str
[docs] def get_authorization_header(self) -> str: return self.header_val
[docs]class NullAuthorizer(GlobusAuthorizer): """ This Authorizer implements No Authentication -- as in, it ensures that there is no Authorization header. """
[docs] def get_authorization_header(self) -> None: return None