Local Endpoints

Unlike SDK functionality for accessing Globus APIs, the locally available Globus Endpoints require special treatment. These accesses are not authenticated via Globus Auth, and may rely upon the state of the local filesystem, running processes, and the permissions of local users.

Globus Connect Server

There are no SDK methods for accessing an installation of Globus Connect Server.

Globus Connect Personal

Globus Connect Personal endpoints belonging to the current user may be accessed via instances of the following class:

class globus_sdk.LocalGlobusConnectPersonal[source]

A LocalGlobusConnectPersonal object represents the available SDK methods for inspecting and controlling a running Globus Connect Personal installation.

These objects do not inherit from BaseClient and do not provide methods for interacting with any Globus Service APIs.

property endpoint_id


The endpoint ID of the local Globus Connect Personal endpoint installation.

This value is loaded whenever it is first accessed, but saved after that.


>>> from globus_sdk import TransferClient, LocalGlobusConnectPersonal
>>> local_ep = LocalGlobusConnectPersonal()
>>> ep_id = local_ep.endpoint_id
>>> tc = TransferClient(...)  # needs auth details
>>> for f in tc.operation_ls(ep_id):
>>>     print("Local file: ", f["name"])

You can also reset the value, causing it to load again on next access, with del local_ep.endpoint_id