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from __future__ import annotations

from globus_sdk import _guards
from globus_sdk.exc import ErrorSubdocument, GlobusAPIError

[docs] class FlowsAPIError(GlobusAPIError): """ Error class to represent error responses from Flows. """ def _parse_undefined_error_format(self) -> bool: """ Treat any top-level "error" key as an "array of size 1". Meaning that we'll see a single subdocument for data shaped like { "error": { "foo": "bar" } } """ # if there is not a top-level 'error' key, no special behavior is defined # fall-back to the base class implementation if not isinstance(self._dict_data.get("error"), dict): return super()._parse_undefined_error_format() self.errors = [ErrorSubdocument(self._dict_data["error"])] self.code = self._extract_code_from_error_array(self.errors) details = self._dict_data["error"].get("detail") if _guards.is_list_of(details, dict): self.messages = [ error_detail["msg"] for error_detail in details if isinstance(error_detail.get("msg"), str) ] else: self.messages = self._extract_messages_from_error_array(self.errors) return True