Auth Responses

class globus_sdk.auth.token_response.OAuthTokenResponse(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: globus_sdk.response.GlobusHTTPResponse

Class for responses from the OAuth2 code for tokens exchange used in 3-legged OAuth flows.


Representation of the token response in a dict indexed by resource server.

Although is still available and valid, this representation is typically more desirable for applications doing inspection of access tokens and refresh tokens.


Representation of the token response in a dict-like object indexed by scope name (or even space delimited scope names, so long as they match the same token).

If you request scopes scope1 scope2 scope3, where scope1 and scope2 are for the same service (and therefore map to the same token), but scope3 is for a different service, the following forms of access are valid:

>>> tokens = ...
>>> # single scope
>>> token_data = tokens.by_scopes['scope1']
>>> token_data = tokens.by_scopes['scope2']
>>> token_data = tokens.by_scopes['scope3']
>>> # matching scopes
>>> token_data = tokens.by_scopes['scope1 scope2']
>>> token_data = tokens.by_scopes['scope2 scope1']

A parsed ID Token (OIDC) as a dict.


auth_client (AuthClient)
Deprecated parameter for providing the AuthClient used to request this token back to the OAuthTokenResponse. The SDK now tracks this internally, so it is no longer necessary.
class globus_sdk.auth.token_response.OAuthDependentTokenResponse(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: globus_sdk.auth.token_response.OAuthTokenResponse

Class for responses from the OAuth2 code for tokens retrieved by the OAuth2 Dependent Token Extension Grant. For more complete docs, see oauth2_get_dependent_tokens