Globus Auth / OAuth2ΒΆ

Globus offers Authentication and Authorization services through an OAuth2 service, Globus Auth.

Globus Auth acts as an Authorization Server, and allows users to authenticate with, and link together, identities from a wide range of Identity Providers.

Although the AuthClient class documentation covers normal interactions with Globus Auth, the OAuth2 flows are significantly more complex.

This section documents the supported types of authentication and how to carry them out, as well as providing some necessary background on various OAuth2 elements.

Credentials are for Users and also for Applications

It is very important that our goal in OAuth2 is not to get credentials for an application on its own, but rather for the application as a client to Globus which is acting on behalf of a user.

Therefore, if you are writing an application called foo, and a user is using foo, the credentials produced belong to the combination of foo and The resulting credentials represent the rights and permission for foo to perform actions for on systems authenticated via Globus.

OAuth2 Documentation