Globus SDK Configuration

There are three standard, canonical locations from which the Globus SDK will attempt to load configuration.

There are two config file locations:

/etc/globus.cfg # system config, shared by all users
~/.globus.cfg # personal config, specific to your user

additionally, the shell environment variables loaded into Python’s os.environ will be searched for configuration.

The precedence rules are very simply

  1. Environment
  2. ~/.globus.cfg
  3. /etc/globus.cfg

Config Format

Config files are INI formatted, so they take the general form

key1 = value1
key2 = value2

At present, there are no configuration parameters which you should set in config files.

The Globus CLI uses the [cli] section to store configuration information.

Environment Variables

GLOBUS_SDK_ENVIRONMENT is a shell variable that can be used to point the SDK to an alternate set of Globus Servers.

We currently have plans to create a beta environment that you can use with GLOBUS_SDK_ENVIRONMENT=beta to get a developer preview of upcoming features, but this is not available yet. For now, this variable should be left unset.