Optional Dependencies

In order to maintain portability while supporting a robust feature set, certain features of the Globus SDK rely upon optional dependencies. These dependencies are python packages which are not required by the SDK, but are required by specific features. If you attempt to use such a feature without installing the relevant dependency, you will get a GlobusOptionalDependencyError.

Optional dependencies are also made available via these extras, specified as part of your dependency on the globus_sdk package:

  • globus_sdk[jwt]

OIDC ID Tokens

The OAuthTokenResponse may include an ID token conforming to the Open ID Connect specification. If you wish to decode this token via decode_id_token, you must install python-jose, which we use to implement ID Token verification.

You may install supported versions of python-jose by install the SDK with its globus_sdk[jwt] extra. Simply specify globus_sdk[jwt] in your dependencies.